Want to Contribute?

The Art And Design School Library Division Blog is a public blog, which means it is readable by anyone on the internet. Readers can contribute to the blog content in a couple of ways.


Anyone can comment on an existing blog post. You do not need a WordPress account or other special permissions to comment on a post. To comment on an existing post, select the Title of that post and a comment box will appear at the bottom of the post. You will be asked to provide a name (visible to the public with your comment) and an email address (not visible to the public). Comments are moderated by the Administrators of this blog, and therefore, will not appear on the blog until they have been approved.


Anyone can post to this blog, but you must first be invited to post. Just send an email to the current ADSL Division moderators (Deborah Evans-Cantrell and Heather Koopmans) or to the News Contributor (Elinor Nacheman) asking to be invited as a contributor. You can find our email addresses by searching for us in the print or online ARLIS/NA membership directory.

Your comments and posts will never be altered without your expressed permission.

Please contribute to our discussion. Your contribution is important to our community. Remember, you cannot break the blog, so please get to typing.


1 thought on “Want to Contribute?

  1. Hi, I am replying so that I can check the box below, “Subscribe to this site by email.” Thanks for managing this blog, it’s great!

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