Check out our new look!

The ADSL Division blog has gotten a makeover! If you’re reading this via email or RSS, click through to see the changes. Updates include:

  • Clean and easy-to-read overall look
  • New visual header
  • Compatibility with a variety of mobile devices
  • Quick links to follow ADSL via email or RSS feed

Do you have further recommendations for improving the look and feel of the ADSL blog? Or features/tools you’d like to see on this page? If so, tell us in the comments or send an email to the moderators.

In addition, I’d like to welcome anyone who has recently begun to follow the blog or is new to ARLIS/NA and ADSL. Our division’s purpose is to highlight library service to art and design students and faculty, and the blog supports this by offering a year-round forum where we can share our related ideas, news, projects, experiences and questions. A dedicated readership is essential to the blog’s success, as is a variety of authors from the ADSL Division. If you want to start writing, contact your current moderators or vice-moderators – Heather Koopmans, Deborah Evans-Cantrell, Claire Gunning, and Kim Detterbeck.