Division Meeting Minutes- 2015 Annual Conference Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth

Art & Design School Libraries Division
Saturday, March 21, 2015 9:45-10:30am

Moderator: Christine Mannix
Recorder: Leslie Jankowski
In Attendance: Jennifer Friedman (Ringling College of Art & Design), Gabrielle Reed (Massachusetts College of Art & Design), Claire Gunning (Cooper Union), Sara MacDonald (University of the Arts), Kathy Coyle (University of the Arts), Mary Louise Castaldi (University of the Arts), Phoebe Stein (School of Visual Arts), Robert Lobe (School of Visual Arts), Kay Streng (Minneapolis College of Art & Design), Jamie Vander Broek (University of Michigan, Stamps School of Art & Design), Carol Terry (Rhode Island School of Design), Sue Maberry (Otis College of Art & Design), Heather Koopmans (Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah), Teresa Burk (Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta), Alice Whiteside (Rhode Island School of Design), Lauren MacDonald (California College of the Arts), Leigh Gates (Harrington College of Design), Jean Hines (Pratt, Manhattan), Gail Storer (Columbus College of Art & Design), Kris Liberman (Boston Architectural College), Geraldine Billingham (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Welcome from the Art & Design School Libraries Division Moderator Christine Mannix.

Nominations and election of Lauren McDonald (California College of the Arts) for 2016 moderator.

Old Business:

No work was done on the craft/folk art/materials studies images in ARTStor issue, however it will be worked on for next year.

The guest post sign-up for the ADSL blog worked well. A new sign-up sheet was passed around for the upcoming year.

Update on the ARLIS/NA policy manual: all divisions are out of date, so revisions with be forthcoming.

New Business:

In response to outreach to students:
The Columbus College of Art & Design’s library has put on a few of workshops based on Wright State University’s Research Toolkit series as well as a zine making workshop. Chris Mannix has been working on creating circulating bookbinding examples and hosted a protective box making workshop.

Minneapolis College of Art & Design created a book about the grad students in their MFA program. It included pictures and interviews with them in their first year to learn about artists that inspire their work.

School of the Visual Arts will be opening a satellite library space. This 700 square foot space will include new materials and browsing services. Students will be able to request books from the main library and have next day service.

Ringling College of Art and Design’s library has been making surprise visits with a pop-up library. They are partnering with the college’s Health and Wellness department to provide healthy enrichment and food for students. Checkout involves a Google doc and handheld scanner. Ringling has also hosted a Night at the Library with food and themes such as “Femme Fatale.” Their annual artist’s books event with Vamp + Tramp, where students can vote on an artist’s book to add to the collection, also includes members of the community.

In response to outreach to faculty:
California College of the Arts’ Architecture and Design has had a critique panel in which research is a part. Three faculty members said students pulled from journals and cited images. Research consultations and field trips are involved. Librarians have been offering quick 15 min sessions to visit classrooms, which can seem more appealing to faculty who don’t have time to spare in their courses. LibGuides have also been created and have been useful.

Otis College of Art & Design has required guided research modeling for the faculty. It focuses on how to research and an authority workshop.

Harrington College of Design has been accredited for another 10 years.

Rhode Island College of Design has signed onto digital commons. Content will be added in the spring and summer.

Ringling College of Art & Design is almost finished with fundraising for their new library. Their search for a new director is ongoing. The library will most likely need more staff for the bigger library.

In response to ACRL’s new standards and learning outcomes, Sue Maberry at Otis doesn’t think they’re there yet and will probably change drastically.

Heather Koopmans from the Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, will be attending ACRL’s Program Immersion and will follow up with a blog post.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.


Moderators, Minutes and More


It’s a new year for ADSL. (CC image via Wikimedia, click to view source)


Meet your new Co-Moderators for 2012 – 2013. Deborah Evans-Cantrell is Catalog/Reference Librarian at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Heather Koopmans is the Head of Reference Services at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Jen Library in Savannah, GA. Also joining the crew are Co-Vice-Moderators, Kim Detterbeck, Art Librarian at SUNY-Purchase College Library, and Claire Gunning, Art/Architecture Librarian at Cooper Union Library. And, welcome to Shannon Robinson, Access Services Librarian at the University of the Arts, who is an incoming Vice-Moderator beginning in 2013. Last but not least, thanks to outgoing moderators Gabrielle Reed (MassArt) and Elinor Nacheman (RISD). Ellie will continue to gather and post ADSL member updates in her capacity as AWS news contributor.

It was great to see so many of you at the annual meeting in Toronto, on Saturday March 31. In particular, Gabrielle Reed discussed her work on the ADSL member survey of unique collections. Susan Severtson from the Design Information Alliance presented news regarding DIA’s goal of assembling a freely searchable database of design-related information and resources. Group discussion about current projects and outreach initiatives in our various libraries, as well as several other issues of shared interest, followed.

The 2012 meeting minutes are attached and will also be included in the (forthcoming) conference proceedings on ARLIS’ web site.

Finally, please feel free to post news, new projects and initiatives, and questions for group discussion on this blog. This is a shared space for any topics that are relevant to art and design libraries. If you don’t yet have a WordPress account or author privileges, contact Heather, Deborah or Ellie to get your invite and start writing! In addition, ARLIS/NA’s Facebook page is becoming more active with news from across the organization, and occasionally you may see ADSL-related updates there. We welcome additional feedback on how to best communicate within our group.

All the best, and looking forward to the year ahead,

Heather Koopmans & Deborah Evans-Cantrell