Library tours – how do you do them at your school?

It’s that time of year again. Time for library tours and new student orientation events.
At RISD Library tours take place on a Sunday afternoon as part of the Orientation Office’s campus walking tour. 40 groups of 15 students each are led by orientation leaders through the library’s two floors. Signs posted on easels give highligts of each area.
In total we see about 450 students that day. A sneak peek is available here on our library virtual tour.

Ellen Petraits, Fleet Library at RISD


Boston 2010 ADSL Division Meeting Agenda

2010 ADSL Division Meeting Agenda
Sunday, April 25th (4 – 5pm)

Introduction of Current Officers (Ellen Petraits and Moira Steven)
Meeting Recorder: Lisa Schattman
Announcement of next year’s moderators (Elinor Nacheman and Gabrielle Reed)
Volunteers for Incoming vice-moderators
Passing of Division attendence sheet

Open Forum Topics

  • status of the ADSL blog – 13 posts over the past 3 years(including this one)
    New ways to use the blog? Switch to another platform? Interest in continuing the blog?
  • Managing in these economic times – strategies to stretch the dollar
  • The fate of the reference collection in A&D libraries
  • The library as exhibition space
  • Developing library instruction content specifically for upper-level undergraduates
  • how other schools provide access to their back-issues of Vogue
  • discuss studio artists using library websites as an access tool and if through assessment are we designing our websites for actual usability