New Design Initiative

Design Information Alliance (DIA), was formed in 2007 by Susan and Johan Severtson in an effort to address the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the practice and study of design. DIA’s purpose is to identify, archive and make freely available resources for the study and practice of design and design research in multiple disciplines and formats to enhance the practical, aesthetic and socially responsible goals of design in society and to advance design awareness.

The project encompasses the fields of:

  • architectural design
  • advertising design
  • fashion design
  • communication design
  • industrial design
  • interior design
  • jewelry design
  • media design
  • system design
  • . . .and more

The task of doing this is somewhat daunting, but Susan and Johan have been trying to connect with as many institutions as possible to get the word out about their project and to get as many institutions with design collections as possible, to share in the larger awareness of their unique resources. Toward this effort, the Severtson’s took a 12,000 mile road trip this past June-October, 2011, visiting with many institutions. You can read more about this and their project at

Johan and Susan will be attending the ARLIS Conference and have scheduled the Windsor East room, Friday March 30th, 5-7 PM for an informational meeting.


Ellie Nacheman, Cataloger/Reference Librarian, RISD/AWS news contributor


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