Button Project with a Twist

At Ringling College’s Kimbrough Library, we’ve been a fan of the button instruction exercise outlined by Jill Ludeke.  During our 2008 Fall semester open house for first-years, we successfully used our button maker to distribute information to students about library hours, web address, and contact info.  However, we got feedback that students loved the buttons, but discarded the paper pretty quickly.  Students in a marketing class suggested we create a 3D object that carried our message to students.

For our 2009 open house, we designed and assembled the following button booklets for students that included a mix of fun facts, library services, and operations information.  The text was laid out in Adobe Illustrator by a work-study student.  Our student worker also helped to print multiples on 11″ x 17″ pages, slice, fold, hole-punch and attach the buttons.  Click here to see the text inside the booklets.

Finally, we got even more mileage out of our button maker by handing out buttons at our recent Accepted Students Day.  People are always interested to hear that the images on these buttons directly represent the materials we have in our library.  They were just as big a hit with parents as they were with students!

2 thoughts on “Button Project with a Twist

  1. Thanks for posting about your button projects. I love the booklets.

    It is always rewarding to see how happy the buttons can make people, and they are so surprised that you actually make them by hand are are giving them away for free. We noticed right away the positive affect the buttons had on morale in the library. Making them made us happy and the positive feedback from patrons made us happy. Our student workers would ask to make buttons (for the library) for fun.

    I like the larger 1″1/4 size buttons you’re using. We use the 1″ and you can still fit a good sized image on them. Some other ideas for images could also be music notations, math & science equations, graphs and maps. Everyone make buttons!

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