Boston 2010 ADSL Division Meeting Agenda

2010 ADSL Division Meeting Agenda
Sunday, April 25th (4 – 5pm)

Introduction of Current Officers (Ellen Petraits and Moira Steven)
Meeting Recorder: Lisa Schattman
Announcement of next year’s moderators (Elinor Nacheman and Gabrielle Reed)
Volunteers for Incoming vice-moderators
Passing of Division attendence sheet

Open Forum Topics

  • status of the ADSL blog – 13 posts over the past 3 years(including this one)
    New ways to use the blog? Switch to another platform? Interest in continuing the blog?
  • Managing in these economic times – strategies to stretch the dollar
  • The fate of the reference collection in A&D libraries
  • The library as exhibition space
  • Developing library instruction content specifically for upper-level undergraduates
  • how other schools provide access to their back-issues of Vogue
  • discuss studio artists using library websites as an access tool and if through assessment are we designing our websites for actual usability

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