A little bit about me…

Greetings fellow ADSL colleagues!

A recent transplant from Michigan to Chicago via Boston, I am the Digital Resources Librarian at the Harrington College of Design. Currently, I am managing a migration to Voyager from Horizon. Once that is finished, I will be refocusing my energies on the challenge of finding digital image resources for a for-profit institution and implementing Web 2.0 technologies. Previously, I was at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I was given the opportunity to attend my first Arlis/NA conference and really get a sense of how awesome it is to be part of the ADSL. Before that, I was at the University of Michigan Fine Arts Library where I started learning the ins and outs of being an art librarian.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver!

-laura (Co-Moderator 2008-2009)


2 thoughts on “A little bit about me…

  1. Hi Laura,

    Doing some research for myself and fellow filmmakers in New Day Films, and wanted to ask your advice about publications to submit films for reviews. Are there particular journals that you and your colleagues read most?


  2. Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for visiting our blog for art and design school librarians. I cannot speak for all librarians, but in my experience when it comes to buying films for our collection a lot of the selection is based on what we need to buy in order to support the courses taught. Many of the films we buy are selected because of their subject matter,faculty requests, and reviews. For example, we are developing our collections to support our programs in architecture and photography at Harrington, so we have bought the latest 2 DVDs in the Architectures series (http://www.microcinemadvd.com/generic/architectures/keyword/?searchStr=architectures&fixthis.x=0&fixthis.y=0&fixthis=Search) and some of the PBS produced documentaries on photography.

    For reviews, there are several publications like the Library Journal (http://www.libraryjournal.com/community/Video%2fDVD+Reviews/47117.html), Art Documentation (http://www.arlisna.org/artdoc/index.html ), but personally, I rely on catalogs, websites, blogs (personal as well as blogs for magazines, associations, etc), and databases that aggregate many different sources of data more in addition to print sources.

    Here are some of the web sources that I use (Also see this article – http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/publications/crlnews/2005/september05/filmresources.cfm)

    • European Films. http://european-films.net/

    • Women Make Movies. http://wmm.com/.

    • DocumentaryFilms.net. http://www.documentaryfilms.net/.

    • IFP.org. http://www.ifp.org/.


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